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We offer a complete suite of Geospatial Data products and Geodetic Engineering services.

Design & Engineering

Cover more ground with Aerial LIDAR and Drone Mapping

Aerial Surveys

LIDAR Survey is the most efficient and cost-effective method of accurately mapping large areas (>50 hectares) or a long corridor such as a river or a railway alignment. It can be used for topographic mapping, facilities maintenance, forest inventory, geohazards mapping, and power line surveys. >>Know more about the advantages of LIDAR over Photogrammetry.

Drone mapping provides a bird’s-eye-view of a project site. Since the resulting imagery are scaled, these are useful for feasibility studies, project documentation, progress monitoring, and even for sales and marketing.

Topographic surveys are essential whether you are building a home, master planning a community, or designing a building. It provides critical information such as ground elevation, vegetation, streams, and cultural features like walls, dikes, and roads. For engineering design, slope plays an important role and has a direct impact on the construction costs. >> Lifecycle of a Mine and their Geospatial Requirements

Land Surveys

Relocation surveys and Verification Surveys of the original plot are performed to ensure consistency of ground conditions with the legal documents such as titles and previously approved survey plans. 

Subdivision surveys are conducted precisely to segregate or divide a parcel of land into smaller ones. This usually happens when the property is up for sale, due for development, or the owners want to distribute it among their heirs.

Cadastral surveys are large-scale property surveys normally covering entire cities or municipalities. In the Philippines, it has three components – Project Control Survey, Political Boundary Survey, and Cadastral Lot Surveys.

Construction & Real ESTATE

Know the correct boundaries of your property

Bathymetric surveys, or hydrographic surveys, aim to map features that are underwater. It is equivalent to a topographic survey on the surface. This is especially important when designing bridges, dams, jetties, irrigation systems, flood control measures, and other similar infrastructure. 

As-built surveys are usually done after a construction project, prior to a renovation, or when new features are to be added. After all, most building plans are not followed to the letter or are modified over time. For example, it is essential to have the correct dimensions of trusses, beams, pipes, and even doors for facilities inventory and when starting a remodeling project.

Route surveys are work done to determine location, distances, and elevations for the design and construction of linear infrastructures such as roads, pipelines, cables, and power lines.  >> Geospatial Solutions for the Energy Sector


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Be it for your dream house, construction of roads, planning for energy-related facilities, or developing a sustainable farm, we provide rich and accurate geospatial data for better decision-making, smarter planning, and improved design.

Data Products

High-resolution Ortho-imagery provides visual context for any map. With better satellite systems and improved drone platforms, it has become extremely valuable for prospecting, exploration, and feasibility studies. 

Street-level data such as Points of Interests (POIs) and building footprints provide rich information for planning, asset management, operations and maintenance (O&M), and logistics. 

Data visualization is a prescribed initial step for geospatial data analysis. The end goal is to help turn raw data into palatable information and actionable insights. 

Geotechnical Survey

Geotechnical Investigation and Soil Testing are essential for design, engineering, and construction projects. This may include standard penetration tests (SPT), geological mapping, soil resistivity tests, and compaction tests. 

Geohazard Studies combines field-acquired data such as topography, geological maps, and rock sample with literature research to build a comprehensive assessment of the project through the lens of natural hazards such as flooding, earthquakes, subsidence, and volcanoes. 

Environmental Survey

Environmental Sampling and Analysis. Ambient water, air, and biological samples are commonly collected and analyzed as primary data in an environmental study. 

Environmental Impact Studies are standard requirements for development projects as they not only give a 360-degrees picture of the effect of the project on the environment but also offer mitigating measures and practices to minimize any negative impact. 


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DATUM provides high-quality geospatial products and services. Its core competencies are Aerial LIDAR Mapping, Land Surveys, and geospatial data analytics.


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