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Aerial LIDAR Surveys, Land Surveys, GPR, and Bathymetry.

Our fees are based on the prescribed standard as per the Geodetic Engineers of the Philippines. Any variance will depend on the project complexity, required timetable, specific scope, and security concerns.

For property surveys, i.e. delineating boundaries, we can mobilize within 2-3 days as long as required documents are provided by the client. This may includes TCTs, old lot plans, and tax declarations. For LIDAR surveys, which usually covers beyond 50 hectares, we need a week to prepare materials, personnel, and equipment. This assumes that the processing of permits from J2 and CAAP was completed.

Project scale and complexity are the main factors. Boundary surveys for residential properties usually take 1-2 days. Topographic surveys, via conventional methods, is at about one hectare per day. Aerial LIDAR surveys is at 50-1000 hectares per day depending on the platform, i.e. a drone or a helicopter.

Yes, we can do survey and aerial mapping projects anywhere in the Philippines. So far, our farthest have been Davao and Batanes.

Yes, we have professional engineers with proper qualifications and licenses. Thus, our deliverables include hard copies that are signed and sealed by the project engineer.

We utilize the best fit equipment for the job. While we have some of the most advanced sensors for mapping such as LIDAR and drones, we ensure that the tools we use are exactly what your project needs.

With LIDAR, you can cover large and difficult areas quickly, get high resolution topography even with vegetation, and derive important information such as volume, tree count, and building footprints. For details, read this article.

You may use the “Request a Quote” tool in this website or email us details of you requirements. We’ll review them accordingly and provide a formal proposal within 2-4 days. Should you need any documentation requirements, e.g. business registration, do let us know and we’d be glad to provide copies. If you’re amenable with our project proposal, we can then discuss matters regarding mobilization and conduct a kick-off meeting.

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