The demand for energy will only multiply as the economy grows and the population increases. With the government’s continuous push for alternatives to fossil fuel, backed up by favorable policies and reduced tariffs, the renewable energy sector in the Philippines aims to achieve 35% share of the power generation mix by 2030. To meet this target, companies that are into electric power generation, transmission, and distribution will have to build new facilities, scale properly, and streamline their operations. With this, Geospatial data will prove to be essential for better planning, enhancing design, and overall improved decision-making at different stages of a project.

1. Exploration, Feasibility, and Design

a. LIDAR – fastest, accurate, and most cost-efficient way of getting topographic data >>Learn more about the advantages of LIDAR over Photogrammetry

b. Aerial Mapping – provides visualization and sub-meter grade accuracy, perfect for areas with few vegetation

c. GPR – for underground structures; complements geotechnical and geophysics

d. Bathymetry – data underwater; for hydro-electric projects, bridges, ports, offshore projects

e. Boundary Survey – delineating project area prior to development

f. Route Survey – for alignment of power lines, roads, and pipe lines

2. Operations and Maintenance

a. Thermal Inspection – crucial for O&M especially for solar, geothermal, energy transmission and distribution

b. Routine Aerial Mapping – for change detection

c. Environmental Monitoring – for sustainability and compliance

d. Terrestrial Laser Scanning – interior scanning of facilities for damage assessment, re-modelling, etc.

e. Aerial LIDAR – landslide monitoring, forest inventory, insurance purposes, powerline to vegetation clearance, etc.

f. Drone Inspection – visually check for damages such as cracks and corrosion, e.g. wind turbines

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